I’ve had enough…

If one more person in this household gets sick I will scream..

Poor Katie and I have had tummy flu like symptoms, but have thankfully been ok and not thrown up or had the big “d”.

Poor Brianna on the other hand not so lucky. I think because her immunity was down from the pneumonia, she got the stomach bug full force.

Brian thankfully is not sick..

I am ready for spring.

And some other big news to post later that completely effects us financially, but may just be a blessing in disguise. We’ll see. I’ll share more later. I’m going to go lie down with Brianna.

Miss you all, and hope to catch up sometime..

7 thoughts on “I’ve had enough…”

  1. awww darnit 😦 Sorry you can’t catch a break! I know when ONE person gets sick in our house… I just sigh… cuz I KNOW that means a MONTH worth of sickies! Darn school and winter germs! I should own stock in Lysol products! hehehehe

    Hope everyone is feeling super duper SOON! 🙂 ((Hugs))


  2. yuck!! I’m so sorry you all are sick. 😦 Are you still keeping all your little kids? I’m looking forward to hearing what else you have to post! Try and take it easy ok??? miss you!


  3. (((I hope you feel better soon Veronica! I hope your family gets well quickly too and everyone else stays healthy!)))

    We’ve had the illnesses going around the last 3 weeks so I can empathize with you… 😦

    (((Lots of prayers and hugs)))


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