Yeah, I suck..

Here I am feeling so good about my marriage and how everything is going… and somehow I take it personally that the girls are not cleaning up the huge mess they made and start ranting and raving about it.. I just completely lost control.. I have since apologized for my behavoir and hopefully in a quiet moment will be able to really come to the Lord about it all. Instead of implementing the plan of time outs I flew off the handle. There was no reason for me to behave like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. I’m so thankful for love and fogiveness and God’s grace..

8 thoughts on “Yeah, I suck..”

  1. I have had many many days like that. You’ve already done what you can after the act, by praying and apologizing. I know that doesn’t really make it right, but I think it’s a step in realizing what has been done. I hate those days. I hope we can talk soon. I miss you!!!!


  2. Your right, I think that if I didn’t pray and apologize it would be so much worse. I remember my Mom flying off the handle and then saying sorry, but I just never believed her, it felt empty. But I think the difference between her sorries and mine are this: I say that what I did was wrong, I tell them how sorry I am, and then ask for their forgiveness…

    I miss you too!

    How is the cruise planning coming along, when do you go again??


  3. It’s so hard for mommies to keep their cool. I totally understand. You spend all day with someone who doesn’t contribute adult conversation or social interactions, and sometimes we just expect them to act like adults and get angry when they don’t. It’s good when God can show us where we went wrong and help us do better then next time. It’s so cool how God uses trials to bring us closer to Him. Hang in there!


  4. Now that you say that “sometimes we just expect them to act like adults and get angry when they don’t”, that totally makes sense.

    God is awesome!


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