Darn adhesive!!!!!!

I am trying to finish up a scrapbook for friends. The Klug’s are moving to Louisiana, so our cell group decided to make a mini scrapbook for them. Each family has two 5×7 pages, one for a picture and the other for telling the Klug’s how much they will be missed, how they have inspired us and anything else we wanted to say… I bought the book plain, made a cover for it, got everyone’s pages last night and was just putting everything down when my adhesive ran out!!!!! Not cool. I still have to put in the Baldwin’s pages, and ours 😦

Plus, I’m going to Kelly’s tonight so we can mass produce the invitations!!! A lot of adhesive will be required!!!!!!!

I am just going to have to run out to Michael’s or Joanne’s and buy some more adhesive instead of waiting to get it from my CM consultant.. Oh well..

Are there any fellow scrapbookers out there?

What adhesive do you use?

5 thoughts on “Darn adhesive!!!!!!”

  1. A lot of scrapbookers don’t agree with me, but I just use double stick tape. It is photo safe and acid free. I get it at Walmart. I like it better the scrapbooking glue sticks because I can pick my pictures back up if i need to move them on my page. I like the adhesive stuff you are talking about, I just don’t order it because like you, I run out when it’s not expected and running to Walmart is a lot faster and easier then ordering….although, our Walmart does carry a couple different kinds of adhesive tape. Anyway… that’s what I do 🙂 I hate when I run out of stuff in the middle of a project. 😀


  2. I used to not get the CM adhesive, but then I ran out of mine when I was at a CM workshop, so I bought it and had just been getting refills for it. But I don’t have time to order and get it today so off to Joann or Michael’s I go LOL..

    I love the Tombo Mono Permanent Adhesive Dispenser & Refills… That thing rocks!!!!

    If I don’t use the CM then it’s the Tombo..

    I hate running out too, I usually have an extra refill, but I had used my last one and haven’t been to a CM workshop in awhile.. 😦


  3. I’m just getting started with scrapbooking…so I really don’t know what adhesive to use…I just use the one I got in my kit…here is a page I did for my mom for mothers day, I’m putting it in a frame for her…remember I JUST started…so I’m not that good 😉



  4. I absolutely love the pages! I think it is awesome, especially the colors. You just started and your already a natural!! Have you done any more pages??? I want to see 🙂


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