Official office cleaner..

After getting all the details on the office cleaning job, Brian and I decided that it would be a good fit. I started on Monday night. I worked from 7:30-10:30.. Pam met me at a dentist office, but they were still in the building so we went to another building, iverness. We cleaned two floors, a bathroom on each floor, did light vaccuming. Then went to an identical building across the way and did the same thing. It wasn’t too bad.. When I get it down it should take me a half hour for each building. Then we went back to the dentist office and cleaned.. Each area had 2 sinks, 2 trashcans, there were 2 bathrooms, then cleaning the reception area.. That took over and hour.. I will do iverness Mon. Tues. and Fri. and the Scalia (dentist) Monday and Fri.  

Tuesday I did iverness by myself and it took me an hour and a half.. I can see once I get used to it how I can shave off that extra half hour though. Then I met Pam at another office building, they do the first floor, it’s all dentistry.. The cool thing is we don’t have to do trash at all. So we did bathrooms, dusting and sinks. It took us about 30 minutes doing it together. So it will take me a little over an hour. I started at 8:30 and we were done at 11:30.. The dentistry floor is just on Tues.

I was definitely exhausted last night. A plus is I can see myself losing some weight from the “exercise” I’m getting.. 

My nights are going to be action packed.. Mon. work, Tuesday: Brianna soccer practice and work, Wed. Brian softball and LOST, Thurs. cell group, Fri. work…..

And I’m still watching Everette Mon-Thurs. Turner Tues. and Thurs.. until June..

4 thoughts on “Official office cleaner..”

  1. Sounds like an awesome job! I always enjoyed cleaning other people’s homes/offices more than my own! ROFL Go figure. It’s always nice to have the extra $$ too. 😉 I’m glad you are enjoying it. That is always a great feeling when you are doing something you can enjoy.


  2. LOL, that’s it, I hate cleaning my own house! Cleaning those offices, wasn’t bad at all.. Sadly, it’s not extra money 😦 More like grocery money.. I wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t have to.. But for the money it pays and the hours/flexability.. It’s a great fit!


  3. i totally consider cleaning exercise!! especially if you’re working hard on it, which you obviously would be. I’m happy for you that you found something that works! I think that’s great!!! Remember to take time for yourself so you don’t get overwhelmed!! 🙂 Love ya!


  4. Yeah, I’m definitely sore after cleaning and the next day, so it is going down in the books as exercise LOL… Now I just need to add more excercise on time of that and maybe I’ll lose the weight I need to!


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