And the sickness saga continues….

Brianna woke up yesterday morning around 4:30. She complained that her throat hurt so I gave her some cloraseptic and sent her off to bed, she then told me that she had thrown up and hadn’t made it to the toilet. By the time I was done cleaning up puke it was 5:30 and I was exhausted…

Katie came into my room around 7:00 and immediately crawled in bed and went back to bed. That is not like her at all. She is usually wanting a sip of my drink, wanting to eat breakfast, wanting to go downstairs. When we did come downstairs she told me that her ear hurt. I asked her if it hurt really badly (it’s a term she uses) and she said shook her head yes. She wanted to watch Deep Blue Sea, and I’ve been telling her no for weeks now, but since she was so miserable, I let her watch some of it. She immediately fell asleep.. I knew something was up. She slept all morning and then we went to my Mom’s house. She slept off and on for the rest of the day. She woke up for me to give her some motrin chewables, she chewed and then her eyes went back into her head and she slept more.. I had set up and appt. with Dr. Rothermel and we went in at 3:15. She told us that Katie’s left ear was really bad and gave us a script for amoxicillin.

Fast forward to this morning. I’m exhausted (Katie woke up at 5:15 screaming she had to pee and then I gave her some Tylenol because she was very warm to the touch. I asked her if her ear hurt and she said yes. Around 7:00 Katie came into bed with me and snuggled up and back to sleep she went. Brianna followed in at 7:30 and snuggled up on the other side of me and went back to sleep. I thankfully woke up just in time, as I peaked out the window and saw Christie loading Everett and Turner into the van. I make my way downstairs and I’m surprised to see my Dad’s car in the driveway (we are borrowing it for the week) and Brian’s laptop on the counter. I’m really confused because Brian isn’t downstairs so I run upstairs and he is sleeping in Katie’s bed. I told him it was 8:00 and he was supposed to be at his training class in half an hour. He told me he called out because he had violently thrown up this morning around 8:00 and his stomach was really hurting.. 

So, to recap, Brianna was sick, but seemingly recovered (though it is 8:30 and she is still not awake, that usually never happens), Katie has an ear infection (her first one ever and she is going on 3 yrs old!!!!) and Brian has the stomach bug.. 

I really hope and pray that I don’t get anything. The only thing that I have been feeling is run down and achy, but that could be because I had late nights this week and started the cleaning job (working muscles I didn’t even remember I had LOL)

Please pray that everyone gets well and stays well!!!

8 thoughts on “And the sickness saga continues….”

  1. oh man!!! 😦 ((hugs V)) I alwasy dread when ONE gets sick… cuz I know 2-4 are to follow suit 😦 Sucks! I pray everyone’s meds get in thier system and they start feeling better 🙂 And that Brian isn’t nearly as bad as most men I know when sick 😉


  2. We went through it over and over at christmas. Now Shay woke up with a sore ear. I thought it was sore cause a kid I babysit hit him with a golf club (kid size) but its not…so another trip to the doctor. One thing for Shay is by this time my other kids had tubes and all have their tonsils and adenoids out. He has been pretty good.

    Hope everyone gets well over there.


  3. Brian’s been pretty good. I try not to let the way he acts when he is sick bother me anymore LOL… He tends to sleep the day away and I don’t see him much so that helps too!


  4. It isn’t fun at all.. I hope it passes quickly and no one else (meaning ME) doesn’t get it!!!

    Awesome that Shay is doing well with not having problems like everyone else!!!! I hope his ear feels better soon 🙂


  5. Sorry to hear the fam are sick. It is awful, I am developing a sore throat and feel off so I shall say a prayer for us all!!

    Hope you had a good Easter!


  6. *hugs* Hope you feel better soon as well!!!

    I keep forgeting to look at the video your husband did.. I want to check it out, maybe today!


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