Stuffed animal madness…

The girls’ room is being overrun by stuffed animals… Then end of their beds are full and it is starting to become a pet peeve of mine to have to do something with them everyday when I make their beds..

Anyone do anything special with their stuffed animal population LOL?

I was thinking one of those mesh baskets for the corner of their room and just having them put them all in there…

6 thoughts on “Stuffed animal madness…”

  1. I *hate* all the stuffies in their room…I have a little closet organizer thing that i put them all in but still…they are such a pain in the butt…lol


  2. that was actually one of the first things that came to mind. You can probably do something fun like make your own with taffeta or some fun colored fabric.
    Another thing you could do is line the crown molding over the windows with shelving and place stuffed animals or books/ cute toys on the shelves.


  3. Yeah, I’m hating the “stuffies” as well.. Why do people think they make such agreat gifts!!!

    *hangs head in shame because I give them “stuffies” as gifts too LOL*


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