1st slumber party…

I don’t know if I’m quite prepared for this.. Brianna was invited to her first sleepover birthday party and it is tonight. At her friend Hannah’s house.. She is beyond thrilled about it all.. When she got the invitation I thought she was going to explode from excitement, her smile was shining so brightly..

She is bringing her princess readybed sleeping bag and the only other thing requested was that I make a cd of her song “white horses” otherwise known as The Arrival by Jay Guerrero to take with her… I sing it to both girls every night before bed..

Anyway, I’m really hoping that she makes it through the night because I have to work tonight..

The party is from 6pm until 10am..

Then we have another birthday party to go to at 11..

And after that Brianna is being dropped off at my parents house for another sleepover. They are meeting us at the soccer fields on Sunday and then after the game are taking the girls home with them so that we can go to our “pre” marital counseling…

Busy weekend…

2 thoughts on “1st slumber party…”

  1. Oh Veronica I feel nervous for you lol. I have yet to let my kids have sleepovers at anyone who is not family. I know I know, I have issues LOL. I hope Brianna does well – she is going to have SO much fun and hardly any sleep you know that right???


  2. fun for brianna!!! I don’t know what I’ll do when my kids go to their first slumber party. Be sure to let us know how it goes!!


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