It could have been worse..

Brianna walked into Hannah’s house last Friday and was excited as can be. She had her princess ready-bed sleeping bag, her princess back pack filled with clothes, pjs, tooth brush, bed time song cd, sally and little blankie, her pillow and of course Hannah’s b-day present. I barely got a good-bye from her.

Brian and I had been in bed for about 15 minutes when the phone call came at 12:50+am…..

Brianna had thrown-up and needed to come home.

I threw on pants and raced out the door and a drive that normally takes 15 minutes, took me 7… I walked in to see a bunch of girls sleeping in the living room soundly and Brianna cuddled up on Amelia’s (Hannah’s Mom) lap on the steps.. They had heard Brianna coughing and got her a drink. Then they heard those tell tale noises and rushed her to the bathroom. She had gotten some on her pjs and she was wearing her clothes.. I thanked them profusely for taking care of her and then loaded her into the van and headed home. She was fine, fell asleep. Got her inside and gave her some cough medicine and Benadryl then off to bed she went…

My poor child has a very sensitive gag reflex.. If she coughs hard enough she will throw-up.. And I’m sure with her stomache filled with pizza, cake and popcorn, it wasn’t that hard…

She proclaimed the next day that the party had been awesome and she had so much fun. She would have made it through the night had she not had a coughing fit (poor girl)..

She can’t wait until the next sleep over and has asked if she can have one for her birthday party..

Not sure I’m up for that one yet LOL…

7 thoughts on “It could have been worse..”

  1. poor brianna!!! I’m glad she had a good time and that her throwing up was a result of a sensitive gag reflex rather then her actually being sick. How did you do when you left her at the party? I think I would’ve (silently) lost it šŸ™‚ And I don’t blame you for not being ready to have your own slumber party… at what point does that become routine?? šŸ™‚


  2. Oh no! Poor kiddo! I am glad she only puked because of coughing and not because she got the flu or something yucky like that. At least she had a good experience overall and is not freaked out by going to another one.


  3. I’m glad that she wasn’t “sick” too! I had so much anxiety that afternoon about her going and then after I dropped her off I felt better. I think it was because she was ok with it and not making it a big deal… I have no idea what point slumber parties become routine. I only had 1 growing up and it was like 6th grade I think..


  4. aw, poor girly. I’m glad she wasn’t actually sick and she still thinks it was a blast. I am dreading the day Jaina gets her first sleepover invite. I am not sure I can handle that, lol.


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