Weight Watchers???

I know several people on my friends list does weight watchers.

What plan do you do?

Do you go to meetings or do it online?

I signed up online for a free trial, I had to do something. I’m not happy with how and what we eat and the lack of exercise around here….

But I’m not sure what plan I want to do, flex or core……

8 thoughts on “Weight Watchers???”

  1. I did the points. Because I’m not very good and knowing when I’m “full”.

    Ditto lol. I do flex because I cannot be trusted with core yet.


  2. I do flex. I have the monthly pass which is $39 months for unlimited meetings and all the online resources. I love the online tools because I am internet dependent. lol I both online and meetings. I have only been two to meetings due to my schedule but I like going.


  3. I am joining I do believe. There is another place in town my mom wanted to check out, but it’s like 60-70 per month just for me to follow their plan and use their facilities. WW is 48 a month but we belong to the YM w a family membership (just got yesterday) that comes directly out of my second check every month (50.08)

    Anyway, I am going to join WW, I think Brett is going to join online. And I am going to do flex plan, I like my carbs way too much to give them up! LOL! And I like knowing I can bank points for going out to a restaurant. 🙂

    Let me know what you decide! 🙂


  4. She suggests flex plan for people first. I actually was going to join last night and didnt. Right now they have a deal here for no charge to join. Just your weekly meeting fees. I have lost on it before doing it at home as I have all the info but right now I figure going in to get weighed will give me more incentive. I would try online but I dont have a credit card. Let me know what you decide and we can give each other encouragement.


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