An action packed weekend..

Friday doesn’t count because I worked LOL. I did pick Dwight up and he came with me for the last building and he just told me all of his stories from school, which are always quite hilarious! So that was nice. Then I did stay up ato almost 2 am writing my marriage and ring vows, while watching Scrubs and some of the movie The Paper! I’m really happy with them..

Saturday, we dropped the girls off to my Dad. Then went to “pre-marital” with Tom. We talked about the ceremony and did a play by play of everything that is going to go on that day. It’s so detailed, I was very impressed. Brian and I have to now fill in some of the blanks, like flowers, music, ushers, readings and what bible verses. We have to have a finished draft done in 3 weeks.. We went to a jewelry store to look at rings for me. Brian wants to keep his ring (we had thought of getting him a new one).. I may or may not being getting an anniversary ring, sapphire and diamond… Not sure yet if we want to spend the money.. We picked up McD’s and had lunch at my Parents. Then took the girls to the zoo. It was a blast, we were there for a few hours and then Brian dropped me back off at my parents. I borrowed Dwight’s car (he was in town) and went to Kelly P.’s.. Jen was in town and it was her birthday. Kelly P., Tammy, Jill, Kendra, Christie, Jen, Jen’s Mom and I all went to Easton. We had dinner at Brio. It was so much fun. We got there and hadn’t made reservations, it was prom night and Easton was beyond crowded. We got our name in and it was a 2 hour wait, but we ended up waiting 5 minutes, there were two tables on the patio open and when we walked by we caught the waiter’s attention and he said we could have them. It started to get cold (I was in shorts and a short sleeve shirt since it was hot at the zoo). Tammy, Kendra and I went into Forever 21 and laughed and found some sweaters to wear.. I got the lasagna and had the Italian Lemonade and some calamari.. Our waiter rocked. He gave us an appetizer and two desserts for free.. I got home around 11:30.. Brian and I were looking at LCC’s band website to figure out what Worship songs we wanted played, we ended up getting highly irratated with each other and I went to bed and ended up sleeping half the night with Katie.. I was just plain angry with him and I haven’t had that type of blatant miscommunication with him for awhile and it has been happening a lot more since I started working and we don’t see each other 😦

Sunday the kids and Brian made blueberry muffins and gave me cards. We went to church. Then we went to the mall, had lunch and looked at rings. We thought Brianna’s soccer game was at 3:30, but I called my Dad to make sure and it was at 2:15.. We ran out of the mall, raced home, got Brianna in her gear and took off to her game. We got there 10 minutes late.. Brianna had a blast as usual. She likes to play defense. My parents and Dwight showed up around half time.. Dwight got a kick out of watching, he played when he was 4 and mostly picked grass on the field LOL.. After the game we got gas in the van and Dwight’s car as both were on E. Went to Walmart and got my Mom a jewelry box, the only thing she asked for. Then we had fun playing with this baseball electronic batting thing. Brianna was really doing well with hitting and I loved it too! Then we had steak and left. We took Brian to the falls, this little walkway. Katie fell and skinned her knees and he was going crazy, because it drops off really steep in places and some spots don’t have a wall, only a wires going across and Katie kept trying to walk there. We got home, got the kids to bed and watched 7th Heaven’s series finale. Then watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

It was a busy weekend, but I enjoyed pretty much all of it!

2 thoughts on “An action packed weekend..”

  1. Sounds like plans are really coming together!

    What a great GNO too. You DID have an awesome waiter!

    I’m sorry that you had to end the night with an argument with your hubby. (((HUGS)))

    Sounds like Sunday was a good day too! We have a waterfall place like that, and it freaks me out too. Eeeek!

    Glad that overall, you had a great weekend!


  2. Wow, the plans are really coming together! Are you getting excited??? I am excited for you – you are going to look amazing and with all the work it will be BEAUTIFUL!

    I get paranoid when they only barrier are those little wires too. I am a bit paranoid when it comes to the kids. period. *sigh*

    Overall, it sounds like you had a great weekend! I glad for it too 🙂


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