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Playdate fun!

I decided to have some friends over today and it was a lot of fun!! Kendra, Tommie and Evie showed up around 10.. Ann-Morgan came at 10:30 (her girls Katie and Paige were already over. I was watching them so she could go get a spa treatment). Then Carrie, Logan and Lauren showed up. Tammy, Isaac, Sam and Lillian. Kelly, Grant and Addie. Last but not least, Kelly and Carson. The kids played outside on the swingset, in the sandbox and in the pool.

We ordered pizza from Pizza Pan. This place is awesome. You buy one pizza and get 2 free if you pick it up. So I got a family size, 16 slices and 2 free family sizes! It was 3 bucks per family! That’s a deal!! You can’t even do fast food for that for a family!

Only 3 pictures. They were doing such a great job eating their pizza. Isaac, Sam, Lillian, Lauren and Paige are missing from the pictures. They must have been inside.

They were doing such a great job eating quietly out there! It was definitely a good time!

Katie K., Addie and Katie


Brianna, Evie, Carson, Tommie, Logan and Grant

8 thoughts on “Playdate fun!”

  1. I got it from Toysrus a couple of seasons ago.. I think Step 2 or maybe Little Tikes has a new one out. Natural coloring and very cute!


  2. How fun!!!! You had A LOT of people over. That’s great! I’m glad you took some time with your business to have some friends over. πŸ™‚


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