Total Melissa and Doug devestation..

The last two days my children, have decided that there is only one way to play with all of their Melissa and Doug toys..

Dump them and throw them so that it looks like a Melissa and Doug tornado went through my family room and kitchen.

I was not happy to find the mess again this morning.

Kids must sense when we are trying to clean up the house, because it seems that they do everything in their power to keep it destroyed!

3 thoughts on “Total Melissa and Doug devestation..”

  1. That is my house except with Legos! The little tiny Legos that hurt when you step on them! Ouch

    I love M&D toys. We have lots too :D.


  2. We don’t have the small legos around here yet, but my brother had them and stepping on them really hurts!!!


  3. Unfortunately, I think you’re right.

    Only in my house I deal with matchbox cars hiding in every crevice of furniture AND dinosaurs. Ever step on the spike of a triceratop? OUCH!


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