I’m tired..

I’m not sure if I had a chemical pregnancy this month or just two evaps in a row on Clear Blue Easy (which I later found out are notorious for evaps), but I also got a third barely there faint line on First Response the next morning.. Then BFN until I gave up testing and waited it out..

Either way, my period came with a vengence…

I have lots to report just don’t feel like it right now..

Ella, thank you for being my rock.. Hope you had fun with Tammy!

Jill, hope you are doing alright. That wreck was awful, I’m glad that you, James, Adeline and Pasquali are safe and sound!

Stupid tests….

15 thoughts on “*blah*”

  1. Good morning girlie!!

    I am so sorry that those horrible, rotten CBE’s gave you those blaring positives, IMO at least. I still say that it had to be a chemical, it just doesn’t make sense.

    I am thrilled that I could be there for you, after all (in my singing voice) Thats what friends are for, keep shining, keep something or other, I don’t remember all of the words but you know what I mean 😉 LOL

    I don’t know what your week is looking like but I will be taking my last final today, YAY and then I was going to call you, but if you are busy today then I guess I’ll understand 😉

    I also need your opinion on something….. hmmmmm 🙂

    I hope you had a great weekend, I sure missed you!

    Yay! Let the nekked baby making begin, I am so excited at the thought of another Q baby being in our world!
    Love you V!!


  2. Hi friend! I’ve missed you! Sorry about all that junk, that’s no fun!! I have another friend that I think may have had a chemical pregnancy. I had to look that up because I have never heard of it before. But after reading I really think that’s what it was. She’s had many and it said that was possible. Anyway…. I hope that renewal things are going well. Keep that baby makin’ going… whether it takes a month or quite a few months atleast you’re having fun right?? 😉
    Love ya!!!


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