Airplanes suck…

Especially those that fly around clocking unknowing drivers to send the information to the police waiting at the exits of the highway..

I pull off the highway, wait at the light and turn right and watch as a cop car pulls out behind me and puts his lights on. I (very confused as I have done nothing wrong in front of this cop) pull over into a Wendy’s parking lot. I frantically start calling Christie, and then Michelle, trying to get a hold of one of them. It is 12pm and I am supposed to be 10 minutes from where I am, picking Brianna up at Northwest Bible from VBS. I leave a message for Michelle, telling her I was pulled over and can she please get Brianna. The police officer, comes up to the car, and apologizes for interrupting my phone call. I tell him I’m sorry for being on the phone, but that I am desperately trying to get ahold of a friend to pick up my daughter from VBS since I will be so late in getting there. He says it’s ok. Tells me I was going 84 in a 65 and that I was clocked by air and then asks me for my driver’s license and proof of insurance. I give him my license and he walks away, I tear open the glove compartment looking for the proof of insurance and all I can find is one that expired 9/06. I call Brian, freaking out over the phone, my hands are shaking because I have NEVER gotten a speeding ticket before, or been pulled over! He tells me that he just put one in not that long ago, I can’t find it. I ask him to call Northwest Bible to tell them that I will be late. The cop approaches the car again, apologizes for interrupting my second phone call. I tell him I’m sorry, I was asking my husband to call the church. He assures me it’s ok, goes over my ticket, tells me I can pay it or go to court on July 11th. I inform him that I will just be paying it as I will be in Hawaii that day. He apologizes for taking up my time and let’s me go on my way.

I owe $105…

Stupid OSU plane #09!

Is it wrong of me to only be sorry that I was caught?

I will say that I am happy that he couldn’t have been more polite. I have heard stories about how mean some cops can be and he was apologizing to me! Though I really didn’t need to be apologized too LOL. I was the one who was getting the ticket for not following the law..

11 thoughts on “Airplanes suck…”

  1. Ouch… that really sucks! At least the policeman was polite and nice to you.

    I was once pulled over the same way about 6 years ago. I had no idea I was being pulled over because a state trooper just walked in front of me ON the highway and motioned for me to move. So… I started to drive around him. LOL! I had no clue!! He started waving his hands all over the place and then motioned to the side of the road to stop. It was so funny. I guess the guy thought so as well because he let me go with a warning!!


  2. Oh no, that really sucks. We do not have the planes but we do have the cameras everywhere and they conveniently send you your ticket in the mail. Bleh.


  3. LOL, I probably would have done the same exact thing you did! I’m glad that he was nice and had a sense of humor and let you off…


  4. That happened to my friend Christie, she ran a red light on her son’s birthday. She then got a $105 ticket in the mail along with the picture of her car going through the light..

    That is so not cool!


  5. shit! i have never heard of that..that really sucks 😦 im sorry

    here in the boonies we dont have that..or the cameras. phew!
    they also stopped employing state troopers ..just city cops & sheriffs..sheriffs couldnt give a shit unless you are going really fast!


  6. Can I live where you live?

    Seriously, I am a lead foot, and will always be one. Even after getting my ticket it was like pulling teeth for me not to go over the speed limit, I felt like I was crawling along like a snail LOL..


  7. Wow, that’s stinks. I don’t think we have that kind of stuff here, we just have planes that fly all over to see if they can detect marijuana in the corn fields. lol


  8. aw!! that totally sucks. I’m so sorry! I don’t understand how a plane can pinpoint one car and know that that is the one that was speeding. It does sound like you had a nice cop though.. that is the plus 🙂 I’ve had a couple, and yeah, I was only sorry that I got caught.. or rather, angry because everyone else was flying by me as i sped but I’m the one who got pulled over… you know :)anyway, really sorry about that!!


  9. Bummer! I’m sorry that really stinks.

    For the first time ever, we seen signs on the way down to the beach in the Delaware/Maryland area that said speed limits are enforced by air. On the way home a copter flew overhead and circled around. It was the first time I had heard/paid attention to that. I have never actually heard of someone being pulled over & how that works though.

    At least the officer wasn’t a complete butthead about it!


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