OMG, are you kidding me!!!!!

My mom just asked me if I had a gray hair.

She plucked a hair from the back of my head and showed it to me, I yelled triumphantly that it was not gray!

Then she plucked another and sure enough, it was gray…


I just turned 27, I should not have gray hair, not even one strand of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 thoughts on “OMG, are you kidding me!!!!!”

  1. 27 must be the majic age!! I found my first gray about a week after my birthday 😦 (I just found another one the other day) I guess it’s time to start regularly dyeing our hair huh? 🙂


  2. Omg my dad pointed out to me the other day that I had a gray hair.I of course did’nt believe him until my brother and Alec chimed in that I did.I pulled it out!…it was kind of long so it had to be there for a while,i’m not sure if I have more :/.I’ll be turning 24 this year btw.


  3. I know! The first thing I said, “does this mean I need to start dying my hair”

    Then I thought of how I pay $90 to get my hair done already, adding color to it, not going to happen LOL!

    We’d go broke!


  4. It’s just not right Janelle!!! I’m wondering how long it has been there as well, and how no one ever noticed it before, of course I keep my hair pulled back a lot so that could be the reason.. I don’t want to find any more, aging is a cruel joke, especially since in the grand scheme of things, being in your 20’s IS NOT OLD!


  5. I guess I should be thankful LOL.. I just wonder how long it has been there, it might have been there for a long time and I just never knew about it..

    We are young, there is no reason we should be having this issue!


  6. They come, they’re plucked, they return…and they bring friends. I’m trying to deal with it gracefully…I’ve had a few for awhile now. But dying it is NOT out of the question!


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