My kids are miniature devils in disguise and other renewal related stress..

I think I am just under a tremendous amount of stress right now. Our renewal and family reunion is next Friday. I have to have the head count to the caterer today and there are still people who didn’t get back to me, or verbally in passing mentioned that they liked the invitation and would come, but never sent the response card back. After leaving messages and not hearing from them I am going to assume that they are NOT coming and just stick with the head count we have and if someone shows up who didn’t respond, a big oh well to them.

We got our carpets cleaned yesterday, whole house. The girls room needed to be picked up and I told them to do it. While I was working in another room, the girls took it upon themselves to take out every book they own and throw it in the middle of their room, then the stuffed animals, and every other toy. I thought my head was going to explode. I ushered them downstairs before anything happened to them. I had two hours to get the house together. When I went downstairs, they had gone into the foyer closet and taken out every hat, scarf and gloves they could find and threw them all over the family room. I sent them outside. I got everything done in record time and was even able to shower and eat lunch, yeah, at 4:00.  Right before the guys came I saw that Katie was trying to squeeze behind the neighbors fence. I went out to investigate. Katie had sand on a shovel and was dumping it behind their fence. The sandbox was almost empty, and it had had about 4 5lb bags of sand in it. Brianna was hiding in their welcome home house. I looked inside and they had put all the sand in the sink, on the shelves and they had the door laying on the ground with a heap of sand and rocks on top of it. I will honestly say that at this point I lost it. I picked up the frog sandbox, which was awkward and broke my nail, which I had just gotten done, and dragged it up to the house and threw it (which I’m sure looked ridiculous) as I ranted and raved. Then the carpet guys showed up and cleaned and the night went by fairly uneventful.

Fast forward to today and I’ve been on the phone dealing with the caterer and finding out about last minute people, who had clearance for last minute decisions. And trying to wrap my head around the seating chart. It is so hard. During this time the kids are running around and taking the opportunity to do everything they know makes my blood boil and laughing as I’m trying to reprimand them, but be tactful on the phone as well. The straw that broke the camels back was when Katie showed up downstairs with purple marker on her face. I wiped it off and then we went to take care of Tom and Christie’s dog, they are on vacation. When we got back I happened to go into their room to get Katie a blanket and there was marker all over the carpet, the carpet that had just been steam cleaned the day before, as well as all over Brianna’s desk and two brand new picture frames that were still in the cardboard!

I wish I could say that I handled it without a full out screaming tantrum, but I can’t….

The only thing that saved me was the fact that I had stopped briefly on Martha Stewart’s show  earlier that morning (I didn’t even know it was still on, as I have never watched it before) and had watched as this guy got a crayon stain out of a shirt with rubbing alcohol. With that thought in mind and as I cried and ranted to my Mom on the phone, I got out the rubbing alcohol and tried it and it worked!

I’m in a much calmer state of mind right now..

We are ordering out for dinner tonight, I don’t have it in me to cook. Cry yes, cook no..

4 thoughts on “My kids are miniature devils in disguise and other renewal related stress..”

  1. Aww Veronica I hope you feel better.Planning these thinks can be so tough,but try to take it easy it’s going to come and go so quickly.


  2. Oh man, Veronica. I wish I could just reach through the screen and give you a big hug. I hate days like that. I hope your weeks has gotten much better *hugs*


  3. OMG!!! That is SO insane!! I’m so sorry, I know that is the last thing in the world you needed right now! I don’t blame you for losing it, I know I would’ve. Did the girls feel bad about it at all?
    On a happier note…YAY for the renewal/reunion almost being here!! And you’re getting stuff done. That’s awesome!! I can’t wait to hear about it! Maybe when things calm down we can talk…actually talk… you know, on that thing that you put against your ear 😉 I wont’ call until I am pretty sure things are normal though. 😀 I miss you!!


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