Why I’m MIA and will continue to be so………

June 27th, Katie’s 3rd birthday. The arrival of Uncle Hal, Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jules, Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Brig, Sophie, Aaron, Meaghan, and Lili..

June 28th, Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jules 33rd wedding anniversary, the arrival of a whole lot of people, finishing out of town guest bags to give to ebassy suites, getting nails done, getting hair done, picking up dress, getting tux, getting ceremony rental decorations and bringing them to Kelly P.’s, the decorating of church (which I am not a part of, but will see how they are doing)

June 29th, rehearsal in the am, lunch, pictures, cake pick up and drop off (not my responsibility), renewing our vows, reception

June 30th, family reunion bbq

July 1st, Cedar Point all day

July 2nd, work

July 4th, parade, village people concert, picnic, fireworks

July 5th, take Ireland family to airport, pack for our trip

July 6th, flying to Maui

July 14th, returning to Ohio

Please pray that everything goes smoothly, and when things don’t that I handle it with much grace and thanksgiving!

8 thoughts on “Why I’m MIA and will continue to be so………”

  1. I can’t believe it’s here!! Yay! I meant to send you a card but Since I’ve been home I’ve been going non-stop. Anyway… know that I have been thinking about you!! Have a wonderful renewal and family reunion! And a REALLY wonderful time in Hawaii (I’m SO jealous! 🙂 ) Miss ya lots and I can’t wait to hear about everything!!! (Do you/Can you text message? I’ve been wondering for a while :))


  2. Oooh, wow you’re one busy girl!
    I’m so excited for you, I can’t wait to hear all about the renewal and see pics!
    I’ll be thinking about you, enjoy!!!!


  3. I was just thinking about you 🙂 I am so excited for you!! Have fun!!! I cannot wait to hear all about everything, take LOTS of pictures!


  4. I *AM* so excited for you. I just wish you had smore time to yourself BEFORE HAWAII!!!!!! (I am so happy you are going there, I want to go there so I shall live vicariously through you! 🙂 )

    I wanna see pics… I know you will have some to share. You will be a beautiful bride.

    “It’s fun to stay at the Y M C A!!!!!”


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