In His time right…

This week we had a sermon about how everything is God’s plan and not our own and then saw Evan Almighty at the dollar theater with the kids that very night as well..

I have been telling myself that everything will happen in His time, but for some reason it is not working right now..

For the last 3 months I have been feeling high anxiety around this time of month. I’ve done everything I could to put it in God’s hands. Tried not to stress and over obsess about it. Gave up charting, and stalking charts like mine, talking about it incessantly with Brian and Ella. But now I feel like as the months start to add up (and I know 3 months isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things) I’m going to start getting more and more anxiety about everything.

What if us having another baby naturally isn’t a part of God’s plan, will I be ok with that?

Right now I have to honestly say I’m not sure exactly how I would feel about that..

Please pray that I see clarity in what God is trying to teach and show me and that I look to Him to ease my stress and anxiety..

5 thoughts on “In His time right…”

  1. prayers for God’s amazing comfort & for your ability to just trust in Him.
    God is so good, and he knows the desires of our hearts.
    prayers for patience too.


  2. I pray for you always! It all is in God’s timing… for some reason now just isn’t a good time. Unfortunately, we don’t know when it will be. I know it’s hard. Try and be patient. and when you feel the need to vent, know you can call me 🙂 We haven’t talked in SO long!! Keep your chin up honey, you’ll be fine!!


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