Dr. appt.

I went in for a Dr. appt. this morning. They did an ultrasound and couldn’t see anything, but weren’t expecting to it being so early. They said I was pregnant, but we were in a wait and see game. I could go on and have a healthy pregnancy or not. I have another ultrasound next week.

I was bleeding some this morning. Right now nothing. No cramping at all. My lower back is aching a little bit though.

That’s about it for right now..

14 thoughts on “Dr. appt.”

  1. I guess I need to check my LJ more often… I’m sorry you are going through this confusion! I will most definitely keep you in my prayers. I’m glad you are keeping us updated. I will be better aout stopping by to see how you are doing. In the mean time take it easy. I know you don’t feel like prayers are working, but God listens, and he knows what you want and how you feel. Keep your spirits up. I’m glad you have someone there that can give you physical support. Love ya girl!! Take care of yourself. Many Many HUGS!!!!


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