Should I really start this project?

We are leaving for PA tomorrow, right after picking Brianna up from school, so 3pm. We have a lot to get done around the house. I pulled the sheets on all the beds and threw them in the washer and put new ones on my bed and have not yet gotten to the girls. Honestly, just looking at their beds and knowing I have to make them up makes me want to curl up into a little ball and take a nap. I’m so exhausted. I have a ton of clothes to put away as well, but part of me thinks, what is the point. Now that it has gotten colder I should just take out their summer stuff and do the exchange. But that just seems like a lot of work to do right now and I’m tired LOL… I can already feel myself gearing up for another long nap like yesterday, but I just have so much to do….

I better get to work…

4 thoughts on “Should I really start this project?”

  1. Yeah, I think you are right! I got Katie’s bed made up and only because I knew she needed to take a nap!

    We are going to our friends wedding! It’s a black tie affair. Brian has a tux and I have this velvet navy blue halter evening gown! Pretty excited about it!

    Plus we will be telling Brian’s side of the family about being pregant again!

    How are you?


  2. hahaha It took me ALLLLL day to switch the TWO closets of clothes. (well then I got into other things lmao) And as for the beds… yea… ugh. I HATE that chore :-X I think a nap totally beats anything else 😉


  3. Since we don’t have much of a winter and are still wearing shorts, I have not switched out wardrobes yet. I did go through their stuff before we left for vacation, I didn’t want them putting on stuff I don’t like or doesn’t fit and my Grandma going along with it. KWIM?

    Have fun in PA!


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