Not gonna happen…

I thought I would play catch up today, but it isn’t going to happen. I’m tired. I watched Josiah and Claire today and my patience was worn kind of thin. Brian canceled soccer practice tonight because of rain. Brianna then got to go to Eden’s birthday party, so we had to run out the door to get a present and her there on time. I did some cleaning today and I’m super proud of myself. Now I’m going to lie down, crochet and drool over Transformers! As soon as I dropped Brianna off at school this morning Katie and I went straight to Walmart to get it! I might be a nerd, but it is my favorite movie since it came out. I mean how can people not like it, it’s more than meets the eye.. LMBO, I had to!

Good night all!! Hope everyone is well 🙂


2 thoughts on “Not gonna happen…”

  1. my heart stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought your title meant something else. Oh Praise GOD it wasn’t that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put your feet up and watch Transformers, you deserve it!!!!!!!!


  2. You sound like you are doing well! I mean, tired yeah… but hey… you were able to get some cleaning in, thats pretty good!!! 😉 I haven’t seen Transformers yet, but we want to. I’m hoping it goes to the dollar theater… that and Harry Potter, still haven’t seen that one either. Anyway… go you!!!! Love ya!!


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