A new year is upon us!

I cannot believe that 2008 is right around the corner! Amazing! In an effort to get organized with baby #3 on the way I have been thinking a lot about how we do things around this house and how we need to change.


I got my new Motivated Mom’s calendar. I changed the one I got as well. I used to get the condensed version with the whole week on 1 page and if I missed things they started to overwhelm me to the point I would stop doing any of it. I know I shouldn’t be too hard on myself as I’ve been sick for the past 15 weeks, but I was starting to decline in that department before that started. I got the 1 day per page, with the bible verses to get through it in one year as well as appt. , notes and meal plan section. I’m going to three hole punch the pages and it will serve as my daily chores, menu planning and calendar for daily things. I had three seperate things going last year and it started not working for me.

I suck at meal planning and grocery shopping for meals. I usually figure out dinner at the last minute and then don’t have all the ingredients I would need to put the meal together. I struggle greatly in the kitchen when not organized about it and I’m usually never organized. Plus I struggle with making the same meals over and over until we get sick of them and we are all picky eaters so it’s hard to do something new. So I signed up for a meal planning site, going month to month and I can cancel at any time. They give you meals for a week, plus desserts, all recipes, and shopping list with everything you need. If there is something on the list my family won’t touch with a ten foot pole, I’ll go to a fall back recipe..

I have also been decluttering my house, slowly but surely when I have felt up to it. Books, VHS movies, toys, throwing things away, giving things away.. We don’t have a huge house. It works for our family. But it’s on a slab, we have no basement for storage or to make a play room. The girls room is huge and fits a lot of things with lots of floor space left over to play. The baby will have their own room (which would be even better if it was a boy!).. We can’t park our cars in the garage because of all the crap we have. Most of which needs to just be thrown away. We started going through things in the summer which made the mess bigger and then we were so busy that we never got around to it again and now that it’s cold no one wants to go out there. Plus a lot of it is huge stuff that I shouldn’t be doing myself.. Anyway. Our house would be much better off non-cluttered. So I got a book about it from the library, I’m on the waitlist but it shouldn’t take long. I’m going to read it and then get our house de-cluttered!

I think all of these things would destress our family so much..

4 thoughts on “A new year is upon us!”

  1. WOW!! You are on a roll! It’s almost like you’re nesting… but it’s kind of early for that. 🙂 I’m proud of you for getting thins organized. That’s always so hard. I’m going to try and do the same after New Years when we are home for good 😀 Great job!!!


  2. I am so right there with you on meal planning and gracery shopping. Ugh.

    We de-cluttered a ton when we moved and it feels so good. I am praying it lasts!


  3. What is the Motivated Moms calendar? Is there a website for it?

    I am right there with you on the menu planning and shopping. I really don’t mind cooking, if I have all the ingredients and know what I’m making. But if I had the money, I’d pay someone to do the rest of it. Ugh.

    I really want to eat out less this year and eat less take-out as well.

    My friend laughed at me one time because I told her I had a book on organization that I was going to start reading as soon as I found it. She thought that was just hilarious.

    I have definitely been a lot more organized at this house than the last. It does help to have more room and more storage space. The 5 of us were so crammed in and there weren’t really any good storage spaces inside the house. I really think it helps to have company over and we do that a lot now that we have the room to entertain. It makes me keep things looking nicer, plus we are in town more, so people just stop by at random more often.


  4. Hey Beth, here is the website. I really love it. It has a chore list for things everyday, and you can add on if you want as well as other things. Like Mon. is toilets, toilet paper restocking, and other stuff.


    Our house is small, but we do have room for all of us and the third baby, but only if we start getting rid of things we should have a long time ago! I’m reading some decluttering book by Don Aslet (I think that is his name) and it has really opened my eyes to a lot of things! I have a 30 gallon trash bag filled with old shoes or shoes we never wear, don’t fit, whatever and there is still more shoes that could fit a whole other bag! And this stuff was just taking up space in a tupperware in the nursery closet, or in our closets! Crazy..

    Plus we keep so much stuff that to clean anything takes forever because we have to move stuff just to clean stuff. Making the chore ten times worse than what it is!

    LOL at the organization book! That’s something that would happen at our house. I actually was going to buy the Don Aslet book but thought, why add more clutter, I’ll just borrow it from the library and when I’m done get it out of my house!


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