I think I died.. and came back..

Seriously, I was so incredibly sick..

I couldn’t keep anything down at all on Monday.. New Year’s Eve ended with me being incedibly greatful for Katie, who was my snugglebear and showed me so much love and kindness it melts my heart. I broke into hysterics after a phone call with my brother in which I asked him if I was still that bad in the morning if he could watch the girls while Brian took me to the ER and he said, well I don’t really want to watch the girls it isn’t fair to my girlfriend. I had to explain why it would be important.. I went to bed seething with hatred for my husband who kept the noise and kids away from me for the most part and got me what I needed but never really asked how I was. Never said Happy New Year and went to bed without even saying good night to me.. I was a mess.

Tuesday I did not throw up anything. All I had was some sips of water, two hot chocolates, two celery stalks and then some broccoli and chicken for dinner. I felt bad all day. Brian took the girls to the movies and I took a nap. I left the room twice and I confronted Brian with how awful he had made me feel which ended with him getting angry with me and ignoring me for most of the night. The night ended well with him praying for me, but he never really apologized..

So far so good this morning. Though I’m taking it extremely easy.

I have my 16 wk appt. tomorrow..

6 thoughts on “I think I died.. and came back..”

  1. Awww gosh I’m so sorry you’re feeling so bad hon. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed you are feeling much better today and continue to feel good (hugs) Take care.


  2. When I had hypermesis with Vance it lasted until 16 weeks, after that I got much better! I hope it ends for you very soon. I’m sorry you had such a rough weekend 😦 I hope you have a great appt.


  3. I’m so sorry all that happened!! I’m glad you started to feel better. how are you now? If you had your 16 week appointment, does that mean at your next appointment you will be able to find out the sex? Or does your doctor like to wait longer then 20 weeks?


  4. Wow it’s pretty cold if his girlfriend would mind him watching the kids for a little bit while you HIS SISTER went to the ER!

    I go through the same thing with Alec sometimes.Occasionally I get really depressed and I usually go off on my own and mope.However long that lasts…he doesn’t seem to realize what i’m going through and that it would be nice of him to check on me to find out what’s wrong.He kind of just let me deal with it which is really hurtful and makes me feel worst :(.I have talked to him about it though and he is trying,maybe you should let Brian know how you feel.


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