Searching for a new doc..

Thursday I had my 16wk prenatal appt. I didn’t do the AFP test. Blood pressure was fine. I haven’t gained any weight, and baby’s heart rate was in the 150’s. I also got the my final reason for wanting to switching ob’s. A brand new hospital opened up 20 min. from here. In my parents town, Dublin, state of the art. Brian works in Dublin, the girls will be staying with my parents while I’m in the hospital, so it all makes sense for me to go there. My ob was very late to the appt. it was a good thing I had Brianna’s Nintendo DS helping me pass the time. He tried to blow off my questions and was just itching to get out of the room. The final straw was when I asked if they would be working out of the new hospital and he said. No, because the hospital was doing the midwife thing, and they weren’t ready to get into all that. So previous (not acknowledging Brian at all during the miscarriage and our first visit for this pregnancy) and recent things along with them not working at where I want to deliver means me finding a new OB! I have a group that I want to go check out and hopefully soon. I do have my big ultrasound scheduled in 3wks, but hopefully I find someone else and do it with them in the same amount of time!

5 thoughts on “Searching for a new doc..”

  1. Call the new hospital and ask them for help in finding docs/midwives who will be delivering there. I love my midwife, they are always so warm and friendly and never make you feel rushed or stupid for asking questions!!!! And my midwife ALWAYS calls me if there is a delivery and reschedules my visits, or informs me of a delay and let’s me make up my mind.

    And midwives have to work with an ob/gyn, so they are usually in an office with one. I Really think you would like a midwife! They can do EVERYTHING a doc (except a C-section and some high risk things) can do and I think with a more personal, loving touch. And if you have something happen, and become high risk, if she is in with a doc, you still go to the same place with the doc taking over your care when necessary.

    don’t let any doctor make you feel unimportant!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. The whole midwife thing?
    Are you serious. That alone would have made me run far away.
    I hope you can find a new, better, nicer dr really quick!


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