Diaper blowouts aren’t fun…

There is a reason I like the spacing between our children. I was not pregnant when I signed on to watch baby Sophie.. And now that I am, the bigger I get, the bigger she gets, the harder it gets.

She had the worst diaper ever. The poop was everywhere. I mean, I had to clean between her toes. It was that disgusting.

She is 6 mo. old and a chunky baby. She likes to be held, (She was rocked to sleep by her grandparents everyday before I got her at 5mos.) She is content on her own for a bit, but when it comes to going to bed it takes her forever if she isn’t rocked. Which is fine when you don’t have a basketball for a belly..

Plus, her Mom claimed she was fine, even though her brothers were both sick with the big D and I was changing her poopy diapers every two seconds.. Who’s the one who ends up in the ER…. me….


Alright, she’s decided she’s had enough of the exersaucer…  Better get back…

Note to self, never do the home babysitting thing ever again, especially when pregnant…

13 thoughts on “Diaper blowouts aren’t fun…”

  1. With cloth diapers you don’t get many/if any blowouts….just sayin. šŸ˜›

    I hope you don’t catch it, and hey we need some belly pics!!!


  2. I keep going back and forth in my mind on whether or not I want to go the cloth diaper route.. I did it for a weekend with Brianna and went back to disposables because I was working full time and my Mom wanted nothing to do with cloth diapers..

    But now that I am home, I might just take the plunge.. Sell me on it Maria!!!

    When I was reading your MTT post, it made me think of how much everyone has changed my life. I wasn’t even considering breastfeeding before I joined YMz and here I have with both girls and of course with this little guy..

    Oh and belly pics will be tomorrow! Promise šŸ™‚


  3. I’m actually doing much better, she got me sick two weeks ago.. But your right, it is no picnic being ill when your pg!

    How are you doing?


  4. Okay I will tell you all about cding in a bit, I’m just running out the door.

    I hadn’t thought about bfing, but I wouldn’t have been adamant about bfing Kileah if it hadn’t been for MTT/Ymz and I probably wouldn’t have been as educated or dedicated to making it work. I bfed her for 11 months, until I got pnuemonia and was forced to wean, Sophia is still nursing at 22 months!


  5. Oh wow! I’m so sorry!! I was babbysitting in my home when I was pregnant with Evie, I stopped a couple months before I was due, it just got too hard… is that an option for you?


  6. Oh geez, that is such a bummer. I read the comments and I am so glad you are feeling better now. I think you have used all your sickness cards….so you are not allowed to get sick again for a long time! šŸ™‚


  7. Putting in my 2 cents….Cole is now a month old and we haven’t had a blow-out yet. We have pee’d out of a few dipes, mostly due to Mommy error…whoops! LOL But I am really loving the cloth dipes. I am even doing wash every day because I already have my favorites (that I need to get more of and sell off the other stuff) even though I have enough to go much longer. I did use disposables until he was about 5 days old, I waited until his poop turned to the “BF baby poop”.

    I don’t know if I would have been able to swing it when I was working. But now that I am doing it, I don’t feel like it really adds that much work to my regular routine or anything.

    The only downfall at the moment is that no one but me has changed a diaper (or fed him for that matter! lol). I told Keven that he is going to be learning soon. My Mom probably would have done it if I were using them when she was here (but that was when he was first born).

    Our cousin Missy went back and forth on cloth for her last and ultimately decided not too. Now that she is seeing it IRL she is wishing she would have took the plunge.


  8. Oh god, I remember when I was pregnant with Antonio and I was watching my cousin’s son for awhile, I use to puke with his crap diapers, it smelled like Sourkraut, and Gio’s didnt bother me at all I guess because he was my son and I was use to it.

    I hope you feel better. Always wash your hands after changing diapers, not saying you dont, but it prevents you from getting sick, and also purel is the best thing.


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