Does a quiet day exist?

What was meant to be a relaxing day turned into a lot of running around.. Katie jumped off the play stuff at the mall last night and hurt her foot. She couldn’t walk on it last night and then was the same this morning. No swelling or bruising.. I took her to the doc and they wanted x-rays so to Children’s Hospital Close to Home we went. Everything came back normal, but if she is still refusing to walk on it by Monday they want to see her again.. We are also going to Cleveland this Sat. with friends to see the play Wicked! I can’t wait!! I made a hair appt. for tonight, I will definitely be falling asleep under the dryer LOL.. and finally getting my eyebrows (caterpillars) waxed!! I tell you, being sick for 20wks really messes with a girl!

2 thoughts on “Does a quiet day exist?”

  1. Quiet days for me, NOPE they dont exist. lol Thank god Katie is ok with her foot, Gio did the same thing last year but instead broke his tibia bone and had to be in a cast for weeks for his birthday. Have fun on your mommy makeover day. I love those days, ALONE and being pampered, and if you have time squeeze in a pedicure, they are GREAT when you are pregnant.


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