11 thoughts on “link to pictures of alex”

  1. Oh my gosh! It’s not often I see a family resemblence in a newborn when they are all squishy….but I can totally tell that boy is a Q****! Too cute! Katie didn’t look too sure of the whole little brother thing! 🙂 Hope you are all doing great!


  2. oh my goodness! Veronica! He is SOOOOO perfect! Congratulations, sweetie! I am sure you are just loving every ounce of him!


  3. okay, I just finished looking through every one, and his sweet little face just melts my heart, and the way the girls are so sweet on him (Veronica’s still checking him out! so cute!) and Brianna seems like such the “big sister” type! I hope they’re enjoying him so much! Congratulations sweetie!


  4. Veronica, He is beautiful. You have been blessed with such a beautiful loving family. Tell Brian I love the pictures of him holding his son. What a wonderful early Father’s Day present. I love the one of you and Katie in bed, she looks like she is eyeing Alex pretty suspiciously! LOL! TOO CUTE! Thank you so so sooooooooo much for sharing. I wish I lived closer to you, I would bring you dinner!


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