Already a week??

I haven’t even hit my due date yet and Alex has been with us for a week and 1 day! Amazing.. Sometimes I look at him and think, I can’t believe he’s here. Finally here. It feels a bit surreal.. 

He’s doing really well. Nursing good. Last night he was ready for bed at the same time as we were. He woke up from 4am-7am. Then we both slept until 10… Once he is out of the NB dipes from the hospital, I will be putting him in his cloth dipes. They look like they will be huge on him though. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Brian goes back to work this week. I’m going to miss him… It’s been nice having him home with us. I’m looking forward to his next vacation, 4th of July and then our vacation to NC in July as well..

Our desktop network card is out of order. In fact I was trying to install another one when my water broke. I haven’t gotten back to that project yet, but I need to get it figured out before Brian goes back to work. I’ve been spoiled by his laptop and soon it will be gone as well as the internets if I don’t get it fixed!

Alright. Alex is wanting to nurse. I’ll try and be back later. I really need to write out his birthstory!


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