Cut my arm off please….

We’re dealing with a mild case of thrush.. The girls are good helpers, but fighting with each other like crazy. I finally went to the doctor for my carpal tunnel, I can’t take it anymore. They told me to do 800mgs of ibruprofen 3 times a day and referred me to an ortho, I have an appt. this Thursday.. I can barely type without my brace, my hand is going completely numb with pain.. this sucks..

6 thoughts on “Cut my arm off please….”

  1. Oh I am so sorry Veronica! You poor thing! Hang in there until Thursday! And THRUSH! ewww… you don’t need all of that thrown in there together. I don’t mean eww as gross, but No FUN! Poor thing! Thrush WILL go away though! Just hang in there!


  2. make sure that you call your ped and see if they can call in an Rx for the thrush for Alex. Then for you, you need to be putting something like Monistat (any yeast infection cream) on your nipples after every feed. Just make sure you clean them off before he feeds. Summer and I dealt with thrush when she was 11 days old 😦 Damn antibiotics that I had during labor! Anyways, make sure you treat both him and you because if you don’t, you will just pass it back and forth. Oh, and I hope that the ibuprofen works for you!


  3. Thanks for the info. Katie and I had to deal with thrush because of the stupid antibiotics too, which I didn’t even need, but they couldn’t find the results of my GBS in the paperwork.. Alex is on diflucan and I’ve been putting clotrimazole on my nips and changing out the breastpads.. I went to disposable and tossed my cloth just so I wouldn’t have to deal with it.. I’m hoping the meds work for the carpal tunnel too, but so far not so good. I hope the ortho is able to do something for me.. ok.. hand going numb. mustr stp typing now


  4. Good, sounds like your doing just the right things 🙂 I am sorry your hand still isn’t feeling well 😦 I hope the ortho can help you!


  5. When I read the title and the first line, I thought you meant cutting off your arm would be a good trade off than having the thrush, kiwm? Then I got to the bottom about your wrist and I was doing the good ol’ head smack.

    I hope the doc has something that can help and maybe avoid surgery. I saw you on gmail earlier today and I almost sent you a chat…then decided I didn’t want to add to your pain!


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