The kiddos..

I need to post a long entry, but it might not happen for awhile.. My hands are feeling better, I got cortizone shots in both wrists and it has definitely worked..  We are going to NC for a family reunion. We leave on Wed. and come home on Mon. I’m tired and just want to go relax before Army Wives comes on..

Here is a picture! Brianna and Katie love pushing Alex around in the doll stroller and he loves it too! He’s very alert, has been since birth. It’s cute to see him taking in his surroundings!

6 thoughts on “The kiddos..”

  1. adorable!!

    just wait ..in a few months they can “take care of him” & you can get little breaks 😀 tonight kayden & kinley “babysat” for us..lol they took mia to kays room & kept her happy & entertained for 30 minutes..lol i kept checking in & they were having a great time.


  2. SO glad your hands are better!! The kids are so cute! The girls are precious and Alex is such a handsome little guy!!

    Great to hear from you. 🙂


  3. OMG that is the CUTEST PIC EVER!!!!!!! You should make that a holiday card. LOVE IT.

    sorry about your hands. 😦


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