Mary Kay Web Show

Hey everyone!

My friend Kelly just started selling Mary Kay and asked me to do a web show. It’s from 5pm today (7/30) until 5pm tomorrow (7/31). All you have to do is visit her site – www.marykay.com/kellyolson and see if there is anything you are interested in. She carries all of the product on hand so it will be to you within a week! Mary Kay has just come out with a new mineral color line with eye and cheek colors, mineral foundation and highlighters and bronzers! They are so awesome! She said she would have a special gift for you, just for ordering!!!

I have the Miracle Set and I love it! It makes my skin so smooth. I have the mineral foundation which is awesome, it’s so light and the coverage is great! I also have their new compact with the mineral colors and a lipstick fits in it as well. I have really loved it since switching over. You’ll love Kelly, she’s a great friend of mine and she has great customer service!!! When you order please be sure to put my name in the comments box so that I get credit for you!!!

If you would rather send her an e-mail or talk to her over the phone, she said that would be great.

Kelly Olson – e-mail: kellyolson@marykay.com



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