I have plans..

Darn it..

We are hanging out with the Davis’ (Clay and Carrie) this Sat. night for a cook out and rock band on 360. I’m excited about it. We’re babysitting their kids tomorrow night so they can go to cell group. Our kids get along really well, so they are very happy to be spending two nights in a row with them.


It was just announced that Barack Obama’s first event on his bus tour is non other than Dublin Ohio. That is where my parents live, only 15 minutes from my house. He’s speaking at the high school Dwight graduated from. I want to go so badly. I had a dream that I met him, gave him a hug and got my picture taken with him. I don’t really like talking politics because it just gets me all worked up, but I’m voting for Obama. I have the chance to see him!


I can’t go. We have a prior committment. I told Clay, who is a die-hard republican, that he must have had insider information and that is why he invited us over on Sat. night, so I would have to miss seeing Obama. I was of course joking.

4 thoughts on “I have plans..”

  1. Obama was here last week and I would have loved to see him but the tickets were all sold out. 😦

    I am watching his speech right now :D.


  2. Sat. is first come, first serve. Doors open at 4:30 and he starts speaking at 6:45.

    I’m watching his speech right now too 🙂


  3. I would want to go too!!

    You are SOOO busy lady! I just can’t even think about going to the grocery store more than once a week and yet here you are with your days full!

    I envy you, LOL


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