The moment of truth..

This show is interesting. Brian’s watching it and I’ve been listening in. I would never go on it, not because I have nothing to hide but because I don’t like being on display. Not that I would ever be chosen, I’m really not that interesting.

I’m so exhausted. I went to breakfast with Kelly P. and Kendra this morning. Then off to Alex’s 2 month well baby check. Then home. Then off to meet the teacher with Katie. Then to Michael’s for yarn for a blanket I’m crocheting for the family room. Walmart for a lunch bag for Katie. Back home to nurse Alex, eat quick and pick up the Beth Moore DVD for Kelly O. Picked up Brianna from school.

It was a lot of running around and I stayed up way too late last night and now I’m ready to crash.

My house smells nice though, thanks to my scentsy order coming! Thanks Brandi!! The girl’s room smells like yummy watermelon and downstairs smells like clean laundry, my fave smell 🙂 I need to set up Alex’s tomorrow.

Okay.. there is a show called Hole in the Wall. That is just ridiculous.

1 thought on “The moment of truth..”

  1. Dang girl, no wonder you are draggin’! LOL

    I am so glad your stuff arrived and you are enjoying it! Trey has Watermelon Patch in his room too and he rarely will put anything else in. I thing he has used Juicy Peach a few times and he goes back to it everytime. LOL.

    Have a great night hun!


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