Hmm.. Did I say that?

While driving home from Aldi this afternoon I was reminded of how impatient I can be.

We were in the turning lane, to turn left and there was a car in front of us. The light was green, but oncoming traffic was pretty heavy.

Katie yells, "Come on lady, go already, it’s a green light not a stop light!"

I was trying very hard to hide my grinning face, because it was funny, and I no doubt have said that more than a few times!

4 thoughts on “Hmm.. Did I say that?”

  1. Since we have talked countless times while you were driving, I have to admit that I am not surprised miss Katie said that, but imagine what else she could say…. hahaha

    I wish I could have heard her say it! Almost everything she says is so cute because of her tone of voice!


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