Topping the charts @ +97% for both height and weight!

Brianna is gorgeous!

She is also a giant! She is a good head taller than pretty much everyone in her class and on her soccer team. She is 7 years old and in size 12 and 14’s.

I’m praying that Old Navy restocks their uniform pants in plus size 12. It’s the only place that fits her well. I can’t just go to Walmart and buy pants, believe me I wish I could. It would be so much easier and cheaper!

It’s so hard to not give her some sort of complex about it all though. I mean, I’m constantly having to watch what I say in regards to her size. I don’t want her to ever feel as though she is "too big". And it makes it even harder when people constantly compare her to Katie, who is only 50% for weight and 75% for height!

Debbie (step MIL) told Brianna this summer that she needed to exercise more. She pointed to Brianna’s chub around her middle and said, you don’t want to have that, so you need to ride your bike more. I was mortified, Brianna is proportionantly just fine thanks and she does not need to have any body image issues at the age of 7! I called Debbie out on it and she agreed with me and said I was right, but Brianna still heard the whole thing.

Raising girls, especially in this day and age, is going to be tough.

2 thoughts on “Topping the charts @ +97% for both height and weight!”

  1. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe your MIL said that. I’m definitely with you, this day and age you really can’t say things like that. I think Evie will be in a similar boat. And really, anyone with a daughter no matter what their size. I hope Brianna doesn’t take it to heart!


  2. Oh my Gosh! What NERVE! She always comes up with something doesn’t she!
    Brianna is MORE than gorgeous! Your MIL should know better being a “nurse” and all!

    I agree, that the pressures can make it difficult to raise self-confident young women, but I know that you and Brian are and will do an excellent job!


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