75mph winds…..

It was a crazy Sunday and Monday.

The wind was out of control but it did not stop my quest for a new TV. I went off road in the van to get past a downed power line. My van was hit on the passenger side by some unknown debris. The power went out at Circuit City, came back on for me to purchase a Panasonic Viera TH-50PX80U 50-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV and a theater sound system. My van rocked as the wind hit it, while I waited for them to bring out my new TV. The TV almost blew over when they brought it out, a salesman jumped on top of it to keep it still. It barely fit in the van and I had to drive all the way up close to the steering wheel to make it fit! The driver side door was thrust out of my hand and got a nice dent, white patch of paint and cracked paint on my quest for the perfect TV stand at Target, and they were running on generator power. I didn’t find what I was looking for, so I went to Walmart, no power. Went to another Walmart, and found a great stand Better Homes and Gardens® Willow Mountain Entertainment Credenza and made it to the van and home in one piece.

Our power was out, we put together the stand and set up the TV with candle light and flashlights. We had a bulk pick-up scheduled for today and had to have everything out by 6am, so we were outside with the van lights taking stuff out of our garage and putting it down at the curb. Thankfully by that time the wind had died down. It was a crazy long night. School was canceled because of the outages. Kelly came over with Grant and Addie to use the shower. They have well water and no access because of the electric pump being out of commission. And boy were those showers cold! My freezer started defrosting. I found melted chocolate ice cream sandwiches leaking out of our ice and water dispenser on the door of the fridge. I had a huge mess to clean up between that and the ice in the ice maker melting. I saved what I could and brought it to my Mom’s freezer.

Brian called AEP and they predicted our power coming back on by Wed. evening. I was mortified, but when I came home to get clothes to sleep at my parent’s house, the power was back on. I squealed in delight and quickly tested our TV. It’s beautiful.

Needless to say I canceled Bible study tonight. We could have had the house back together, and Brian did awesome cleaning up the rest of the kitchen, but my brain was fried! And not all of my friends had their power back yet.

We’re watching the Eagles v. Cowboys. Good game. I’m exhausted from yesterday and today though, looking forward to relaxing tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “75mph winds…..”

  1. WooHOO on the TV! LOVE it!

    I think the entertainment stand is great!

    So glad you guys are okay with all those winds and that you got your power back sooner rather than later.

    I don’t blame you for canceling bible study! It seems like it was a crazy day!

    Hope you get some rest today!


  2. WOW!! What a crazy day/night for you! I’m glad you made it home in one piece (your new awesome tv too! 😉 ) Have fun with your new toy 😀


  3. How crazy is it that you got worse weather from Ike than we did and we were a lot closer to the landfall of the actual hurricane than Ohio is?! We actually had a record high of 100 the day Ike hit Houston. Glad you are all fixed up! And congrats on the TV. We just got a new one a month ago, Keven keeps joking that he is going to give it a hug anytime he has to go out of town for work.


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