I recently did one of those email surveys. You know the one’s that ask you whether you like croutons or bacon bits. And when it came to put down my favorite tv show I had listed a ton. I’m a tv-a-holic,  and have many shows I just HAVE to watch. But I was just thinking this morning that I really don’t have an ultimate favorite show, though LOST is pretty close. I just  have a series of shows I really like.

I label everything I like, my favorite.

My dad used to get so frustrated with me when I was a teen and even now. We would be driving in the car together and he is a station flipper, whether we’re talking radio or tv. And anytime it would land on a song I liked, I would yell out, don’t change it, it’s my favorite! He would then proceed to tell me that everything was my favorite and then flip the station. Talking tv, he would ask, how many times I saw this particular movie. I would answer that I own it, and seen it a ton, but he HAD to keep it on! It’s my favorite!!!!! He would then change the channel and ultimately put something on that I hated!

So in my case, it’s either my favorite or I hate it, pretty black and white. I don’t much have a middle ground, and if I tell you something is just ok, I’m lying. That means I hate it, but I’m trying to be nice!

1 thought on “Favorite?”

  1. Asking you to pick a favorite TV show is like asking you which child is your favorite LOL!

    I am totally the same, everything I like is my fav, and I generally forget to mention when some of those Fav’s come to pass and then Charles gets me a DVD or a gift of an old Fav! LOL!!

    My Private Practice arrived today, I WISH you were here to watch all the episodes with me!!!


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