What happened to my routine?!

Brian is home from work. He’s not feeling the greatest. It takes near death for him to ever stay home, he probably has 100 sick days accumulated because he just always goes in, no matter what.

Not today. He’s got a really bad cold. He called off a meeting last night and begrudgingly did Brianna’s soccer practice. Fell asleep on the couch around 8pm. Went upstairs to bed right before Fringe started. He was up a lot last night too. Everytime he moved he would end up waking Alex up 😦

One of the highlights of my day is making my bed. It means I accomplished at least one thing LOL. It just makes me feel better and I have a better day usually when my bed is made. I always fold laundry on the bed, and nurse Alex while watching tv on the bed. Take a little rest in between doing things and now my haven is no longer. I hope he gets up soon and moves to the couch so I can have it back!

I’m also praying that Alex doesn’t get sick. Katie as a pretty bad cough and likes to go right up in his face, and they sit next to each other in the van and she always ends up coughing on him. It’s frustrating.

I have a scratchy throat and that is about it.

Brianna just got over a bad cough and now just has the sniffles.

1 thought on “What happened to my routine?!”

  1. Oh, I hope Alex doesn’t catch this bug! Poor Brian, Katie, YOU, and Brianna. It’s just going through the family, eh? And messing up your routine! Well, good for you for starting a routine. I hope things improve in the next day or two!


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