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Alex is 4 months old!

Alex is 4 months!

He doesn’t have his well baby until the end of the month so not sure what his stats are yet, but he is doing awesome! He loves to be in his ultrasaucer, anything to do with standing or sitting and he is happy. I moved him to his britax boulevard already because of how long and heavy he is, but mostly because he kept straining his little neck in the infant carrier trying to sit up! Now he is sitting and much happier LOL! He wants to be a big boy so badly, it’s really cute. He eyes his sisters and smiles constantly at them and you can just see his brain working at trying to figure out how he can move like they do!

I’m in love with this little man!

23 thoughts on “Alex is 4 months old!”

  1. ’bout time you posted pictures of my little or not so little Alex!!

    YAY! He is such a handsome young man, I wonder if he will like older women, haha he and Kamari, Brianna and Charles, and Tyrese and Katie can just be pre-arranged marriages! LOL!!

    I can’t believe how big your baby has gotten, he is so long, I mean you and Brian are tall so I understand, but ya know!

    I just want to snuggle him, I totally see why he gives you the baby fever!!!

    Love you tons! Let’s chat tomorrow of you have time!!!


  2. I know, 4 months! It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant! I’m so excited for you and your baby bean! Any thoughts on boy or girl?


  3. Thanks Brandi 🙂 Everytime I look at him he gives me baby fever, and he’s still a baby LOL. I should not have the fever already. I want him to have a baby brother in the worst way LOL.. Brian thinks I’m nuts, I do too LOL>


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