Wow, am I home?

I have been going non-stop the last couple of days. Which is sort of usual for me. I’m usually meeting friends, taking kiddos to and from school, going to activities, playdates, GNO’s, and everything else in between.

It’s a wonder anything gets done around this house, because we aren’t home very much. I’m always on the go!

I’m tired though and all I want to do is take a rest, plop down in front of the TV and finish working on the blanket I’m crocheting…

But no, I really need to be cleaning up downstairs and the loft. We are having cell group at our house tonight. Last week we had it here to try it out. We are the only one’s that need childcare and we were seeing if the girls would do alright upstairs in their room. They did great. But we had a ton of people come to try out group. It ended up being 14 adults and 7 kids and that was with two couples missing! I have a small home, it was packed in here. But it was a really good group.

Alright.. Gotta get stuff done.

And I wasn’t doing a friends cut, just making sure I had a friend’s only post, so my journal wasn’t blank to those not on it. I need to find a fo banner. Any suggestions on some cool ones? Something to maybe match my layout a bit?

Off to clean I go..

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