I’m so very tired, more sleep please!

I’m trying to not get to upset at the fact the kids had a popcorn throwing party in their room last night and two big bowls of popcorn is now all over their floor. I vaccumed a ton of it up and then my vaccum died. I was not a happy mommy last night. In fact I think it’s safe to use the word furious.

Which led me to have an ephinany. In bible study we were talking about the root of the problem and that the symptoms of anger and such might stem from a deeper sin.  Well I think mine are selfishness and.. darn it, I knew I should have gotten out of bed to write it down! I am having a brain fart about my ephinany. Well I’m sure it will come back to me, becuase I really think the Lord wants me to examine this..

My right breast is ready to explode it is so full. I know someone would have surgery to get the size breasts that I have, but I am so done with the porn star boobs! Seriously, they weigh a ton, bother my back, I never can find a great supportive bra for them, even when buying high end. And I always have to buy extra large shirts so the girls will have room!

Alright, off to get Brianna to school.

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