Fun times.

Jason and Tammy came over tonight to play cards. We played the game 7’s and it was a lot of fun. We ate dorito’s, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookie bars. You know me and baking, I had to whip something up! I totally lost at 7’s and it was Brian’s first time playing. He liked it. Then we played wii bowling, and then Brian and I laughed as we watched them do boxing. I swear Tammy was going to hit the tv. She was really getting into it!

I’m glad they came over, it was a lot of fun!

And Alex did awesome. The last couple nights he’s had trouble going to bed without being held. But he was out cold tonight. I’m sure he’ll be waking up soon to nurse. I should probably take my contacts out and get ready for bed.

Sat. is Brianna’s soccer game, Brian really needs to mow the lawn. I need to finish vaccumming up popcorn, got most of it, but then the vaccumm overheated again. So I gave it the night off LOL. We are going over to the Krueger’s for the Buckeye game and dinner. They have 3 kiddos, 2 girls and a boy. Sam was due the day before Alex, and came on his due date, so he and Alex are 2 wks apart.

Alright, seriously going to bed now!

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