Indian Run Falls

Sunday was an awesome family day. We had nothing planned for the day, except of course to watch the Phillies after 8.

We went to church and afterwards we picked up McDonald’s and went to Indian Run Falls www.in-and-around-columbus.com/natural-waterfalls.html

I take the kids there a lot, but Brian has only been with us once before and he was a wreck, because Katie was still very young and he was worried she would fall over the edge at some parts.

Anyway, we went and had lunch at the picnic area and then walked around. Brian had Alex in the bjorn, which was a nice change for me! The water was completely dried up, so we actually walked almost the entire length of the streambed. The girls found this fascinating. For some reason there were red rose petals that had been thrown onto the bed and the girls collected some of them. They also found shell. Then we did the trail, went to the very old cemetary and then to the Dublin library. We read books, did puzzles and walked around and then we took the trail back to the car.

After that we headed over to Graeter’s ice cream and it was incredibly good, as usual!

We got home around 3:30.

It was just such a beautiful day! I’m so glad we went, I wish we had the camera to document the day, but at the same time I think it would have taken away from it..

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