What happened?

Yesterday afternoon was pure craziness. I seriously don’t know what happened.

It started with me putting Alex in the ultrasaucer. He was doing awesome, happy and chattering away. He loves that thing! I went upstairs to finish up some laundry, got sidetracked with the internet. The girls were downstairs as well watching TV. I then heard a screaming cry come from Alex. I ran downstairs and found him on the floor between the couch and the coffee table. Both girls were outside playing in the backyard. I picked him up and yelled for the girls to come in and to explain what happened. Why was Alex out of the ultrasaucer. Brianna wouldn’t speak. Katie said Brianna picked him up and then put him on the couch. I saw the neighbor girl, Natalie outside and knew exactly what happened. Brianna took Alex out of the ultrasaucer, then saw that Natalie was out, that was more important so instead of putting him back in the saucer or calling me, she propped him on the couch and left him. I was livid. She knows the rules when it comes to Alex and what she did, not allowed!!!!! We have never had an issue like this before. I told her all I wanted her to do was tell me the truth of what happened but she still would not speak. I took Alex upstairs and nursed him. And this is where it gets ridiculous.

Brianna brought me a note which had “I hat(hate) mom” and a heart with an x crossing it. I had a talk with her and she brought back another note with “I’m srore mom” and a heart and a twizzler taped to it. I told her the rules again and forgave her. Then I went downstairs and found the first message written on the coffee table in black magic marker. Katie informed me that she had written it outside as well, on the swing, the picnic table, the steps on the playset and on the siding of our house. I was back to being livid again.. After freaking out, I told her she could not have her nintendo ds for 2wks. She rolled her eyes at me and said, I don’t care. I told her that she couldn’t ride her bike and that if she kept it up she would not be going trick or treating this year. That got her attention. After dinner, Brian found more damage, she found a check on the counter and had ripped it in half.

I don’t know what to do with this child sometimes. I seriously am scared, because she acts like me, doing the things I was doing (destructive behavior) when I was in middle school! She is so sweet and innocent at school and a lot of the time at home and then she just goes off the deep end. I really hope she isn’t bipolar like me, even though I know it can be hereditary. Sigh..

Parenting is hard.

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