Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Church was absolutely amazing. The message was good and thought provoking. But the main event was a baptism. This girl got baptized and it was just so inspiring! Tom was choking up as he was reading her story and Doug and Nikki baptized her and as Doug was praying for her afterwards, he was choking up. It was so powerful. I was crying. Then Tom decided to open it up for anyone to come up. So a whole bunch of people came up! It was just really cool seeing the Lord work in so many peoples lives!

After church Brian had a coaches meeting so he stayed behind. The kids and I went to my parents. They were in Siesta Key for 2wks and had just gotten back on Sat. We ate lunch there and hung out for awhile. Then it was off to Kendra’s house. Tommy had surgery on Thursday. We had gone over there on Friday to bring him a care package of Ghostbusters 1 & 2, some popcorn, m&m’s and a starwars colorwonder book. He was so excited and thankful. He was circumsized. He had an issue, but then the doctor said he was fine, but they had talked it up so much when they thought he needed it that he wanted to go ahead and get it done anyway. So we went over there and watched Ghostbusters with him. Then the kids played. Kendra went out to the store and brought back pumpkins. We carved them. I helped Katie, ie did it myself, but Brianna did hers all on her own. She was so proud of it. We had dinner and then the meltdown occured. Alex had enough and was just super tired. He was screaming, Katie was having trouble listening that it was time to take dress-up stuff off and then ended up tripping over my feet as I was changing Alex’s diaper, so she started bawling. I was starting to get stressed out. Brianna was an awesome helper!!! We got out the door and home in one piece.

Alex is now freaking out, so I better go nurse him to sleep! I’ll be back later to comment 🙂

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