Did you vote?

Katie and Alex went to vote with me around noon. I was in and out, which was surprising because last year I waited in line for almost an hour. Katie and I both got stickers, the poll workers were really helpful. And then Katie bought some patriotic cookies for 50 cents.

I saw the link to this website http://iftheworldcouldvote.com on  [info]3ticklemepink3 ‘s journal.

Brianna had an election in her class. I asked who she voted for, she said who is the brown guy? I said Barack Obama, she said, yeah I voted for him.

The pre-k class had an election as well. Between both morning and afternoon classes, Obama won by 1 vote. There was a Mom walking out with her son and she asked him who he voted for. He said Barack Obama. The mother asked him why, because she and his father were supporters of McCain. He said, because Barack Obama is awesome and then shrugged his shoulders!

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