I’m tired.

The Phillies won the world series and Brian of course was ecstatic!! He left Thursday afternoon to drive to Philly for the parade being held on Friday. He stood for 7 hours on Friday, to witness all the Phillies goodness 🙂 He came home on Sat.

I was a single parent to 3 for the first time. It went alright. Thursday we had cell group at our house, so I was slightly frazzled getting ready for everyone to come. I completely missed worship because Alex wanted to nurse, but it was good discussion.

Friday I was running around like a crazy woman. The kids had school, I was baking and making food for dinner. I had to get my brother’s camera because Brian had taken ours to Philly. I set up a basket of candy by the front door and then we took off for the Davis’s. We had a lot of fun. The girls got a ton of candy and even Alex was in on the fun. I need to upload pics. Brianna was Sharpay from High School Musical, Katie Ms. Stephanie from Lazytown and Alex was a dalmation puppy.

Sat. the kids went to my parents while I volunteered in the cafe for the craft bazaar at Brianna’s school. It was a quick 2 hours. I actually didn’ tmind it at all, I was on hotdog duty.

I’ve been kind of quiet lately, you know how I can get, especially when I have a ton going on.

We are working really hard on our relationship with Brianna and she has her first counseling session this coming Sat. I also *finally* scheduled her birthday party, yeah, her birthday was the first week of Aug. Opps. She’s having a sleepover with girls from church and her class.

The sermon on Sunday was about marriage and love and respect. Brian and I decided we needed to read through the love and respect book again. But just the sermon alone has reinvigorated our marriage! It’s awesome.

I’ve been reading and hope to comment soon.

Got to go do some special time with each of the girls and get Alex down to bed!

Ella, I’m glad we got to talk today. It was much needed. I had missed you dearly!

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