Christmas is around the corner..

And I have no idea what to get the girls Brianna. Katie is super easy, because she loves playing with ponies, petshops, anything pretend play. She is really into having tea parties, so I got her a set that comes in a wicker case and has the teapot personalized with her name.

I just don’t want to get Brianna DS and Wii games. She needs something else. She loves to play board games and card games, but we pretty much have them all already. I was thinking something more educational or artistic. Maybe craft stuff?

And then there is Brian, but I don’t think we are really buying for each other this year.

I am making my mom a scarf, she already told me the color she likes and I was going to make my brother a hat.

I also need to figure out what to get the inlaws as well as my parents from the kids. I was thinking of them making something like they did last year. Or getting our family portrait done and framing it nice for them. I don’t know.

Anyone have any ideas??

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