I’m really tired and I have to get the laundry in the dryer folded so that I can finish up the diaper laundry. It has taken all day..

I took Brianna and Katie to  the Clay Cafe and they painted ceramics for the grandparents for Christmas. They should be done by Fri. I’ll be sure to take pics of their work, they did such an awesome job. We met Kendra and Evie at another place that I thought did it, but it turned out they haven’t done it in a year, so we found Clay Cafe in Grandview. It was a fun place, they gave me a $10 gift certificate too, I’ll definitely be going back soon!

I made a really good cake last night. The recipe is called “better than sex cake”. It was very good, but not better than sex. Plus it was something outrageous at 555 calories a slice. But like I said, really good. I’m going to have to have sex to work off some of the calories LOL.

I started back in the nursery today. It was nice being back and hanging out with Mandi again. Alex is such a big boy compared to the other babies.

I ordered Katie a personalized tea set for Christmas.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

I’ve been feeling blah lately, not sure exactly why. I’m hoping to snap out of it soon.

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