.Wife to Brian.

.What can I say about myself. I’m never very good at this because I’m still trying to find out who I am. I love people, but I also have an intense fear of rejection that sometimes gets in the way of relationships. I crochet like there is no tomorrow. I learned from my Nana, forgot and did what I thought was crochet for years, only to find out I was just doing slip stitch over and over LOL. I have now learned the right way and do it as much as I can. I like to scrapbook but when I’m depressed that seems to take a backseat. I slip in and out of depression, actually was dx’d with bipolar II. My husband and my children are my life! I can’t imagine what it would be like without them. Above all else, my relationship with Jesus Christ. My Lord and Savior, died upon that cross for me. The ultimate sacrifice. I am forever thankful.

.Brianna-Jean Estelle is an amazing 7 year old! If it weren’t for her I don’t know whether or not Brian and I would be together. I don’t even know if I would be a follower of Christ right now. She loves school and learning. Playing soccer. She likes wii and nintendo ds. Playing board games. She recently learned to ride her bike and is on cloud nine from that accomplishment! She is so loving and caring. A little mom, especially when it comes to Alex.

.Kaitlyn “Katie” Mary is a 4 year old spitfire! She is fiercely loyal to me. She loves pretend play. Likes going to school, but hates that it is “baby school” preschool and wants to be in kindergarten already. She does gymnastics. Loves dinosaurs, pretty dresses and wants to always look beautiful. She is a handful. I’m actually scared of how she will be when she’s a teenager, because of how she is now!

.Mr. Alexander “Alex or AJ” James Dwight! I love this little man. I was so scared when I found out I was having a boy after having 2 girls. What could I possibly do with a boy? I am in love. He is so awesome.   He cranes his neck while laying down, because he desperately wants to sit.  He loves sitting up, reaching for toys, but would rather be in  the ultrasaucer standing up.  He’s a great nurser and has now started eating baby food. His favorite so far is sweet peas! He us a big healthy boy, 90% for both height and weight! He makes me want to have more babies!

.All together now.

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